Exciting plans……im in the process of joining the Easton Food Assembly , so soon you will be able to regularly order my cheese through them….and i have a taster session with them on the 15th feb in the Easton Community Centre, Bristol…..then for my first vegan fair of the year….Walsall Town Hall 18th Feb… i will be doing both cheese and seitan demos as well as bringing my cheese stall so that will be a busy day! Also VERY excited (nervous) to be giving my first talk at Vegfest Brighton, where i hope to encourage new vegans with a talk on kind activism.

I just added some Bristol classes and other dates confirming soon so please see the events page xxxx


MASSIVE THANKS to Mark and Marta at Rockaway House  for the use of their wonderful kitchen and for the great space that is Rockaway park  ://www.rockawaypark.co.uk/

“Is that cheese really vegan?”…”what about that one?”…..YES THEY ARE ALL VEGAN!… and you can make them! Fun and informative workshops brought to a venue near you… let me show you how you can make inexpensive, delicious vegan cheese and other yummy things all 100% cruelty free.

Vegan Cheese Workshop

“If you get the chance go on one of her courses… absolutely fantastic… being vegan just got a whole lot easier!”

“Yes! Thanks for teaching us the way of the vegan cheeses.”

“Thank you Mel. Can’t wait for your next yummy workshop”

“If fermenting rejuvelac sounds a bit fiddly or time-consuming for you there are simpler ways to make tasty dairy-free cheeses that are far superior to most shop-bought ones and considerably cheaper too! I recently attended a vegan cheese workshop where experimental cook Mel Rogers of Mel’s Kindness Kitchen demonstrated how to make Parmesan, Cheddar, Smoked Gouda and Cream Cheese using cashew nuts, tofu and coconut oil flavoured with nutritional yeast, miso and liquid smoke.”

– read Justine Butler’s full article – “The Vegan New Wave

“Thank you Mel! So excited to make some of my own vegan cheese now ”

“We all just stuffed our greedy faces with the fruit of your labour. Hope my efforts can come close. Really enjoyed today, thank you”