Some Kind Words

Thank YOU so much for Sunday. Everyone really appreciate and enjoyed your wonderful food, even the non-vegan eaters!

Caroline from Portishead

if you get the chance go on one of Mels courses…
Absolutely fantastic! Being a vegan just got a whole lot easier!


What a fun class! And soo much yummy cheese! I  can’t wait to try making some for myself!

Amy from London

Went to vegan cheese making class! Was brilliant,  plenty recipes for me to get creative with and beautiful samples to try too! Thankyou Mel!

Tom from Bristol

Thanks for all your help Mel..We now have a new menu with lots of vegan options!

Green Shop Cafe

I bought 3 cheeses from you at the West Midland Vegan fair and was VERY impressed,
Thank you Mel!

Abigail from Birmingham